Rules of the Market

Comox Valley Farmers’ Market
Association (CVFMA) Rules of Membership

1. Membership is required to sell at the Comox Valley Farmers’ Market.
2. All products sold at the market except seafood, must be produced in the Comox Regional District or the Strathcona Regional District.
3. An annual fee, as set by the membership at the annual general meeting as a special resolution, is required to become a member of the CVFMA (see fee schedule).
4. A rental fee, as set by the membership at the annual general meeting as a special resolution, must be paid at each market. Any transaction at any market is subject to that fee (see fee schedule). Membership in the CVFMA is valid from April 1 of the year it is paid to March 31 of the following year.
5. All members must read the market rules and their signature on the application contract signifies their agreement to follow these rules.
6. All applications must be approved prior to selling at the market. The Executive Director has the authority to approve applications for producers of primary agriculture products as defined in Rule 3 as well as prior members who are selling the same product. All other applications must be approved by the Application Review Committee. Applications must detail all products to be sold. An additional application must be submitted and approved to sell any product not on the original application.
7. The vendor must produce all goods for sale at the market. Consignment sales and the resale of products is prohibited.
8. Persons conducting a storefront operation (exclusive of farm gate sales & home based businesses), are not permitted to sell at the Market. Exceptions may be made for vendors, upon application to the ARC, if the following conditions are met: Vendors must have vended for one full season at the CVFM prior to opening a storefront. And: a) vendors must submit a letter to the board informing them of the storefront prior opening. Or: b) If vendors have not vended for one full season, their product must add significantly to the diversity of products sold at the market, be in the spirit of the market, and their sale is in the best interest of the market. And in both cases: A person who is actively involved in production of the products must be present at the market to represent their business.
9. Vendors of crafts or manufactured items shall have these products juried by the ARC prior to the date of sale. Crafts and manufactured items must be value-added agricultural products whose primary components are produced in the C/SRD or products related specifically to farming, gardening, food, or food production, and wholly made by the Vendor. In the event of shortage of space at the Market, vendors of eligible products will be given priority.
10. Members selling fish or shellfish must reside in the Comox Regional District or Strathcona Regional District and must have a current valid BC fish-vending license for the products they are selling, or they must be operating a local fish farm for the products they are selling. Any processed fish products being sold must be from fish caught by the member.
11. Vendors are required to be set-up prior to the opening hour and remain set-up until the closing hour. No moving vehicles are allowed on the grounds from 30 minutes before opening until 15 minutes after closing.
12. With the exception of selling to other vendors, selling before opening is not allowed at the Saturday Market.
13. At the Saturday market, on the fairgrounds, 12 ft. of frontage is allocated to each member. Members of one year or more may apply for an additional 6 ft. of space for an annual fee as set by the membership. Applications for the additional 6 ft. must be made two weeks prior to the first market.
14. Reserved spaces are only allowed at the Saturday outdoor market and will be finalized 2 weeks prior to the opening market. Members of one year or more may apply for a reserved space if they have sold at 18 Saturday outdoor markets or more the previous year. Members, who currently have a reserved space, can keep that space, provided they have sold at 18 Saturday outdoor markets or more the previous year. A member with a reserved space many request a different space through the membership application process. However, this will mean their present space becomes open to any member.
After 8:15 AM any vacant reserved space can be filled at the market manager’s discretion.
15. Farm produce and food products should be clean and of good quality. It is the vendor’s responsibility to ensure that food products are acceptable to the Environmental Health Office. All vendors selling food must have successfully completed the Food Safe Level 1 program.
16. Concessionaires must provide a copy of Food Safe permits for all servers and a copy of their permanent health certification.
17. Vendors are responsible for cleaning up their stall area before leaving the market.
18. Vendors are responsible for supplying their own water and garbage can, if required.
19. Suggestions and criticisms received in writing must be referred to the CVFMA Board of Directors.
20. Soliciting is not permitted at the market.
21. For food products, where primary ingredients used in a product are available from local sources within the C/SRD these ingredients should be used. When the ARC assesses applications, preference will be given to vendors whose products use locally produced ingredients. Baked goods for sale must be made from scratch by the vendor not using commercial mixes or products.
22. The value of the container or packaging in which a product is sold must be incidental to the price of the actual product.
23. To be considered a product, any item must be substantially altered from any purchased inputs.
24. The market manager who is responsible to the Board of Directors has on-site authority to enforce all the rules herein of the market. If a vendor does not abide by all the rules, the manager may take any action appropriate, up to the barring the vendor from selling that day. Directors may decide to bar that vendor from subsequent markets, to cancel their membership for that year or bar them in perpetuity. A vendor may appeal any decision in writing to the Board of Directors. If unsuccessful, a final appeal can be made to the membership at a general meeting.
25. To ensure compliance with the market rules concerning the origin of products sold and/or table fees assessed, members agree to submit to an inspection of their operations and/or a review of their market sales, if requested by the Board of Directors.
26. CVFMA members and staff are expected to treat each other and the public with respect.
27. All Vendors must abide by Provincial laws when using the term “organic”. Vendors of Certified Organic products must clearly display their organic certification at their booths.”


Table Fees
Saturday Downtown & Headquarters: $20.00 or 5% of gross sales, whichever is more.
Wednesday Market $10.00 or 5% of gross sales, whichever is more.
Sunday Market $10.00 or 5% of gross sales, whicever is more.

Additional Space Fee
(See Rule #13) $225.00 if paid in full by April 1st; $250.00 if paid after.
Membership Fees due April 1st $100 (memberships expire March 31st)

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